Chocolate Happy Cake out now

The twelve new songs that make up Chocolate Happy Cake are now complete. It has been a fun journey playing with such talented musicians, with lots of laughs, too. I am extremely fortunate to have Glenn Barratt from Morningstar Studios working with me, he is a fantastic (and friendly) Grammy Award-winning producer and engineer. I am also excited that several of my tracks include a genuine string quartet (I love, love live strings, especially cellos). All instruments on this project are live. Featured musicians include: Erik Johnson, Chico Huff, Kevin Hanson, John Conahan, Gary Oleyar and Michael G. Ronstadt.

This album is a great collection of tune, several tempos and styles that fit together, all created from travels, struggles, dreams and relationships. The title “Chocolate Happy Cake” comes from my song “Complete Peace.” I spent a few days at my friend’s place while traveling solo across country. She made me a surprise birthday cake but forgot the word “Birthday,” which made her laugh so hard she woke me up. It’s the memories from mistakes or surprises like this one, that are my favorite. Chocolate Happy Cake stuck for the title and I haven’t been able to shake it, because it stands for those unexpected, imperfect moments, relationships, living. By the way, the cake was chocolate, but the icing was white with green lettering.

Chocolate Happy Cake is available digitally on my site, iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and CDBaby. CDs will be available in mid May 2016. Pre-order a CD via the form on this site (under Contact). The cost for one CD is $10, plus $5 shipping and handling within the U.S. Email me if you want a CD and do not reside in the U.S.

Please contact me if you have a radio station or want to write a review for Chocolate Happy Cake. I would love that.

We would also love to hear from you if you are interested in hosting a house concert or have a small venue. A huge dream is to perform one of my tunes live with a symphony orchestra, hoping that can come to pass, soon.

– Tracy

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