Our Community Cup Coffeehouse

Tree of Life Church, Springfield, PA

My friend Mike and I will share the stage and play originals and cover songs. Donation suggested to fund the coffeehouse.

This “different kind of coffeehouse” is a joint project of the Princeton Presbyterian Church, Chambers Memorial Presbyterian Church and New Avenue Foundation. It will primarily serve as a gathering and safe place for young and old people with disabilities, including autism, Aspergers, etc., and will promote social interaction.

There will be a structured activity scheduled each time the coffeehouse will be open. This will typically be followed by a meal where we will all sit down together. The music will then start at 7:30 and last for an hour.

The place will have a comfy, homey feel in which the young adults can come to:

chill out have a meal as a community socialize play a game listen to live music sing along dance (line dancing) tell jokes, have skits, play charades, watch magic do physical activities (Zumba)