Behind the Songs

My songs typically start out as melodic choruses: sometimes I hear them when I first get up, sometimes they come after something impacts me. Then at some point I go to keyboard and find the chords for verse, bridge and chorus. From there it grows into a full song, completing the lyrics is usually the last step. 

One song can take 25 minutes to create or several years. It depends on the subject. 

Very rarely am I inspired by romance only, although many of my songs can be interpreted that way. The beauty of most songs is that they can transform in the mind of the listener and create a unique experience beyond its initial creation. Music entertains and celebrates, but it can also bring out emotions, take you on a journey, motivate or heal. I have been writing songs to express how I see the world as long as I can remember, it is not a formulated activity but very personal. 

There are great tunes in all genres of music, they are the ones written with heart, passion and intent. My style is a mix of many genres and I have listened to many. Singer-songwriter is now a genre, but if I had to describe my music further, I am a mix of pop/rock/folk and adult contemporary. 

I will post the development and production behind each song in this section this year. Lyrics are posted for all 12 songs in my Lyrics post (News). I am happy to send PDFs of lyrics with chords should anyone want to perform any of my songs. Please email me if you are interested, it makes me happy when I find someone who can relate to my tunes. Cheers!

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