1. Falling Back
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©2016 Tracy Colletto, Lore Music Publishing ASCAP drums – Erik Johnson, bass – Chico Huff, electric guitar – Kevin Hanson, additional guitars – Glenn Barratt, cello – Michael Ronstadt, piano – Tracy Colletto


Falling Back – Its quiet and calm, and not one cloud in sight / Then the tips of the trees start blowing / Moving along, a bright looking sky / Carrying on, but unknowing / Confident, self-assured and satisfied / Then a windstorm of questions catch up from behind / Oh, I’m falling fast, I’m falling back again / Oh, I’m falling back, I’m falling back again (oh no) / Plunging and tumbling, toward the core of the storm / Then carried up, over it soaring / Out from the dust, clearer once more / Then landing again on a path restored / Until I’m falling back, falling back again (oh no)