1. Victory
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©2016 Tracy Colletto, Lore Music Publishing ASCAP drums – Erik Johnson, bass – Chico Huff, electric guitar – Kevin Hanson, fiddle & mandolin – Gary Oleyar, piano – Tracy Colletto


Victory – What if I take a giant leap into the sea / Finally take a step for all that I believe / And the waves so full of life, they envelope me / To wash away the cares that aren’t supposed to be, supposed to be / What if I give up everything so dear to me / All that I’ve worked so hard to have and fight to keep / And as each disappears, I dance merrily / To celebrate the wonders of simplicity, simplicity / What if I listen to these words I say? / What on earth am I waiting for anyway? / For what I’d rather do is chase the heart than the ghosts of yesterday / What if I could run without the fear of feeling free / Only look ahead, but never look behind me / Never glance beside me, never think of defeat / As I’m moving closer to this day of victory, victory, victory