1. It's Alright
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©2016 Tracy Colletto, Lore Music Publishing ASCAP drums – Erik Johnson, bass – Chico Huff, electric guitar – Kevin Hanson, electric guitar – Glenn Barratt, cello – Dan Dalaney, viola – Petula Perdikis, violins – Eliza Cho & Michelle Bishop, piano – Tracy Colletto


It’s Alright – I need you / And I’ve tried everything I know and its not working / I’m tired, so tired / Then you walk into the room / And you tell me its alright / Funny how your words can push me through, me through / Then its alright, its alright, its alright / Heavy is light, heavy is light / And I know your love’s around me, I can feel it in your smile / Crazy what something so simple can do, can do / In your smile, it’s alright, it’ll be alright